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Our memories

Saxon homework sharing

This week we researched what life was like in Saxon times for our homework. Add a sticky to show what you have learnt when sharing your homework.

Blue – Jobs

Yellow – Houses

Pink – Clothing

Green – Other facts

Warning story

The boy had been warned not to leave his window open that night . But that night he forgot to close it soon ebony black orbs floated carefully into his room . Soon the boy heard loud noises from the window. He slowly sat up, then froze in fear he saw the magical orbs going crazy trying to hide, he started to shake, the black orbs enveloped him, they took the boy outside and whispered menacingly in his ear “run” then they started to chase the boy.

The  frightening orbs tracked him all around  the back yard but  was unfortunately caught by all of the despicable, ferocious orb’s. They began to gracefully float away with him teasing him and spluttering cruel name’s at the petrified soul. Every body was in such a deep, heavy sleep nobody heard him squeal except his dad! His dad dashed outside going faster than wind it’s self. He leaped over towering walls and skipped over fences towards the orbs.

His dad  tried to grab the orbs but he couldn’t reach, so he climbed his sons tree house and made a epic leap, and tugged the orbs down . Then he grabbed his son,  the frightening orbs raged with anger. They  started to bite him he carefully put his son down and elbowed one of  the orbs.  and kicked the second one and grabbed the third and threw the orb and shattered there courage and retreated from the back yard .

He sobbed but his dad calmed him down.”Don’t worry your safe he said,” James asked his dad “are you certain?”he questioned his dad. “I am my wonderful son your safe here with your parent’s,” he softly answered. And so James went on to do  everything his parents told him until his last breath and that’s where the tale end’s.


Insect in the bedroom window by Harriet and Rhys

The insects in the window
Without warning He had been warned not to leave the window open but that balmy summer evening James had thought he knew better. Suspiciously A shiver ran down his spine , later that ebony night a inky pest came in. James was asleep he didn’t know they were there . As the pest lunched across,  The pest  took lots of his blood James barely had any blood
Minutes felt like century’s , Then, even  more pests came .  As blood dripped down his arm,  he had one centimetre of blood left in his finger .  Only one thing could save him, So his mom took him to the hospital and he was extremely  ill . A light started to flash he woke up. His mom told him to apologise he was very ashamed of himself of leaving the window open. As the full moon carryed on he couldn’t get to sleep.  Happily he Closed the window and fell into bed and a second later he was asleep.

The book

She was warned not to read the book but she was curious. Lilly was determined. She crept to the attic. Looking around, Lilly could see a stack of old toys and on top was the book. In her room, Lilly got comfy and opened the leather back book….


The last thing she remembered was a virus in the book making her faint. Through her blurred eyes, she could see a ghost like figure sneaking through her messy room. It seemed to be taking her best teddy-bears. Lilly tried to scream but she was worried she was scared she would be court.

The girl, the window and the orbs

As it was a hot night she had been warned not to keep her window open. Angelina climbed into her cozy bed and waited and waited. When her parents finally got into bed, she creeped as quietly and sleekly as a fox and opened her bedroom window. “I’ll just keep it open for 30 mins,” she thought with a cruel smile.

however, Angelina fell asleep and the forever changing mind orbs briskly found  their  way in. They went through the ear. like a family of wicked witches , they worked their poisonous magic and………………

Thinking She was a boy, her mum walked in and screamed. “Oi! What d’you think your doing in my bro cave woman?”said Angelina. But did she comprehend that? In wonder, her mum heard her creaky, ancient window. She knew. She knew the window had some thing to do with it.

That eerie evening, Angelina was in a foul mood ,so she slammed her wooden door and fell to sleep on her comfy bed. Zooming into her room,  she realised that Angelina was asleep. She looked at her window. It was closed. How did it closed her mum thought with wonder. She shrugged her shoulders and left knowing Angelina was finally safe.

That following morning, Angelina had no idea that she had turned into a smelly boy. From now on Angelina never slept with her window open again. She had learnt her lesson.

Open window by Peter and Emily

He had been warned not to leave his window open, but that balmy summer evening, James had thought he knew better. It was an ebony, black night where he left his window open. Hazardously, he left his window open for the hole night and he fell asleep. That night deathly, malodouros orbes had been creeping up on him into his uniluminated bedroom. Those orbes had climbed up through his wide window. There plan was to kidnap James and lock him up forever.

As they charged in and crawled under James to lift him up and out, they threw him out of the window and the other orbes caught him. They lived in a cold, icy land where they would lock him up. They did this ,because they knew he had a very rich family and they wanted to steal his money. As the murky orbes carried him away, he was still snoozing in his sleep.

These menacing orbes had stollen boxes and boxes of money, he was wrong to leave his window wide open and the foreboding orbes were now one of the most richest things in the world. This cage was a diminutive cage with just a rough bed to try and sleep in. These orbes are a deathly, petrifying evil pest.

He had woken up the next morning wondering where he was. Looking everywhere, he stared at a weird, murky, floating rock that seemed to be very rich. He saw the key for the cage and found a rope and lassoed it to him. Unlocking the cage, he rushed out and found a motorbike and drove home to safety and then he was safe and sound.

The book

It was the only book she had been forbidden to read yet curiosity had taken hold and she had snuck the leather bound treasure to her room. That dark night she opened the haunted book and slowly she read it. Did she take this step in involuntarily? In the dusty book there was a warning not to say warning three times. With excitement, she said warning ,warning, warning  nothing happened. She was surprised . But just then she started to fall asleep slowly…

After that sudden burt of creepyness, Lilly enddend up in a lost place, she had no idea where she was. In a blink of an eye, she saw a bee and it stung her OUCH!! She screamed. She observed carefully and she then knew that if something happenes in this dream it will affect her in real life. Lilly knew she needed to be carful. She felt edgily. Incomprehensibly, she saw a exit door, but she thought that there was going to be a difficult thing that she needed to go through. Lilly was in great luck. Just then, she realised that the door was CLOSING!!! She knew if she did’nt get through the she would be stuck there FOREVER! As her heart rate reached breaking point, she ran as fast as she could and then she jumped she made it!!! With relief, she got teleported to her comfy bed.

From this, she learnt a vauluble lesson not to underestimate warning and they are put there for our own good.

The mysterious window

As the clock struck nine the ebony,black night falled and he fell asleep Into a deep sleep! As he fell asleep he was dreaming about his transparent,cracked window he had been warned not to keep it open but tonight he knew best! This wasn’t the only time he had been warned about it his friends!

As the dusty,dirty clock turned ten in came the silver,siver balls though his craked,misty window! He had been warned but tonight he was taking a risk! In the blink of an eye,the orbs came flying round the small,squished room and all of a sudden….

The round orbs sank into his body suddenly he turned into a huge,giant orb! He floated out the glass,split window into the thin air he fell into a giant hole!

In the middle of the forest, he started to drift up back into his cosy,small room then he awoke with a sudden shiver down his spine then he gulped!

Then he ran to his window and slammed it shut! “I should of listened” he thought! From that day he never did it again!

The book

A girl was warned about a book that puts you in a deep sleep and it never ends! She sneak past her mum swiftly and she felt conferdent  about opening the book and reading it. So, she gets the mystical book and opens it quickly she reads a couple of pages and gets interested to it. She believes everything she reads and her mums says to her ” don’t always believe what you read” nut she ignores that.

Suddenly she fell into a deep sleep that felt like death and couldn’t wake up. Lots of flesh eating, blood sucking scorpions start to crawl out of the book and claim all over her. Her poles stopped everything was silent. Her misterfeigned mum was worried, because she couldn’t hear her. Impailed by scorpions she was paralysed.

The bugs started to get bigger and bigger and then the scorpions  where as big as her legs.  Dagger like teeth of the scorpion got teeth like knifes, lightning  that we’re very dangerous. Then everything else started to grow. It was like a zoo of  noxious animals.

Cautiously, she woke up and spotted her walls were made of spiders and her bed poles were snakes. Her duvet, was scorpions. Her mouth drooped. Her eyes closed and her head shook. There were black widows crawling up her face.

Leaping from the bed, she slowly stood up and crushed a scorpion that was under her foot she didn’t worry about that she just wanted to get out. She noticed that if she shut the book it wood all disappear. So she shut it. All of the creatures went.

She went to her mum to tell her that she read the book. But she got badly told off and got sent to her bedroom to put it back. And went back to sleep. The end.

The book by Ellie and Thomas

It was the only book she was forbidden to read, yet curiosity had taken hold and she had snuck the leather bound treasure in her room.

As she indignantly opened it, one moth immediately shot out of the mysterious, unbelievable book. She didn’t take any notice of this, because she thought it gad got trapped in. But, as she opened the book all the way, hundreds of bloodthirsty trantchulars escaped.

Falling into a deep sleep, she dreamed what was really happening… Scrambling out of bed she was chased by the king of all snakes… A King Cobra. Scampering away, she sleekly snuck down the crooked stairs. However, looking behind her, she staggered, unfortunately the grim Cobra was just meters away. Gulping with fear, she ripped off the door frame and wacked it dead. But, there were still the trantulas scuttling in her bedroom. Crawling in tiredness, she made her way back up the cragged stairs and into her bed. Using her sheet she shook her sheet with them on out of the window.

Sleeping the rest of the spectral, ebony night, she dreamt it again. As the sun rose, she told her mum the whole story. After having a long conversation with her dad, and carefully inspecting the damage and the tarantulas. They banned her from going out on her own for 3 weeks.

The window story

He hade been warned not to leave the window open, but on that balmy summer night Max though he knew best .Max decided he would ignore his mum. with a sneaky look on his face it was time to go to his king sized bed. Giving his mum a sloppy kiss he looked towards the window with a grin on his face. As his mum left the room he could finally open the window.

Stepping out of his bed he went to the Ebony black window. As he pulled down the handle, ghostly orbs shot through and took him by surprise. Stepping back cautiously with a petrified look on his face, he spinted with fear out out of his bedroom dor

The Boy who opened his window

As the night falls James opened the window at bedtime and his mum said it was a dangerous place out there and if you leave your window open bad things will happen at night. So he put his blue and white striped pj’s on and wheat to bed. As the night past there were mysterious balls that make you death, lose your voice and make you blind forever.

When he was asleep a misty shadow in the corner of the window appeared , there the black balls and they came into his room and surrounded the boy in the inky black ,spooky room.In the morning he knew he should of listened to his mum , because he was blind, death and speechless for the rest of his life.His mum was right all along!

Glowing Bubbles

Her mum warned CC  not to open her window and fall asleep at night . But on this summer night she said to her mum Good night and she tries to go to sleep but she was really hot in her room. Suddenly then she remembered what her mum told her , but, because she was hot and sweaty she  ignored her mum and opened the window anyway. She clumped into bed, falling into deep-deep sleep.

A few hours later some glowing things like  bubbles came hovering into her room and then…she herd sizzling sound but she thought it was her sister in the bath room . She heard squinting sound some where in the house . So she went back to sleep .

As the end of her Bed , burned she woke right up and saw some glowing bubbles . Her mouth opened but no sound came out she  thought what to do and then she knew .

Writing with suspense

It was the only book she had been forbidden to read, yet curiosity had taken hold and she had snuck the leather-bound treasure to her room.

The book

Writing with suspense

He had been warned not to leave his window open, but that balmy summer evening, James had thought he knew better.

The boy

What happened to Britain when the Romans left?

Use the following websites to research and find 3 key facts.




Add your facts to the linoit below

Syria poem

Scrambling to escape, parents carry there petrified children

Shattered lives surround me

Children aghast, worker’s memories haunted

Blood puddles in every direction

Fleeing devastated people

Buildings demolished, signs smashed

Agony in every soul

Confusion, questioning everywhere

Precious homes ferociously being ripped to pieces

Exposing hearts

Pathways open like huge eyes

Planes bomb the city

Parents looking in fear



Kiera’s poem about Syria

Homes tattered and torn beyond all redemption,

Powerless people scatter on the streets

Agony rises once again.

Suffocating smoke filling the air,

Haunting memories surround the sky

Bricks ripped from homes,

Bellowing fills the atmosphere

Downhearted  whimpers of the homeless,

Uneasy people in distress


Agony rises once again.

People scramble sorrowfully,

No doors to be seen

Wooden ladders sprawled around,

The loss of homes to be found

Heart broken people in confusion,

Agony rises once again

But we will stay strong.

The war in Syria

Fire fighters save children who have been trapped under fallen houses

Lifeless children scramble

Tears everywhere

Sirens like rapid police cars

Agony of parents and children’s loss

Bleak, wheezing children in need of blankets

Hospitals full up with people

Wishing the enemies would surrender

People risking their lives for others

Enemies grab and shove houses down

Fires lit everywhere


Woodland fire poem

woods fire

Wet woods poem

woods miserable

Woods in Spring poem

woods brigh

Creating moods with word choices

Add the appropriate coloured post it to describe and show the mood of the following images.

How to make a roman catapult!

Do you want to fire things through your house or even have a war with your friend? Follow my instructions and you will have a strong catapult to fire. To make a catapult read on!

You will need

6 plant sticks,
1 plastic cup,
10 elastic bands,
1 piece of blue tack and
1 pencil


1. First take 3 plant sticks and make a triangle base then secure and tie an elastic band on each end!

2. Next get 3 more plant sticks and make a pyramid shape and tie the top together !

3. Take the pyramid and tie each end to the triangle base! It should now look like a pyramid all together!

4. Now you take your plastic cup and poke 3 holes one at the top and one on each side! Then you thread an elastic band through each hole then you put the band through the end and pull!

5. Finally you attach two ends to the side of your triangle frame and one on the top!

Finally you can play with your catapult! Have fun:)

Top tip: Have someone to help you!

Instructions for a roman catapult

Do you want to amaze your friends? Well this Is good for you because it’s a Roman catapult. Here are some simple steps so read on to build your own Roman catapult.

You will need :
8 elastic bands
6 plant sticks
1 plastic cup
Blue tack
1 Pencil

Step 1: Carefully make a 2D triangle with the plant sticks on floor or table and tie elastic bands around the sticks together really tight.

Step 2: Make it 3D by getting 3 more sticks and attaching them on the corners with the elastic band and making a triangle.

Step 3: Poke 3 holes in the plastic cup with a sharp pencil and put one of elastic bands on the top hole and the other two on the other side

Step 4: Put the elastic bands though the cups holes and put one end through the other and pull it to make it tight.

Step 5: Tie one of the elastic bands to the top and they other two elastic bands to the other side of the triangle.


My diary

Dear Diary

How dare they destroy my home!

As the sun went down we trained harshly until dawn because I heard Romans set of in our direction , we lived in a tribal village with huge fields surrounding  us . Listening apprehensively , I marched  around the village with my chest up and head straight scanning for any unusual sight . Hours people started to gather around the center hut because they wanted to hear a story.

As the sun rose, people started to wake up soon after everyone was awake a spear hit an innocent bystander. Seconds later about 5000 roman soldiers stormed in like armoured rhinos , slicing every Celt in sight . Me and my fellow soldiers tried to hold them off , but dozens of them had all ready got through Celts screaming and fleeing into the fields . People were sprinting away half dead and blood all over them.

there were bones sticking out of body’s grass on fire and trees turned to ashes . There was blood splashed everywhere smoke spreading and wounded soldiers . Next to the farms crops were destroyed dead body’s lay on the icy , muddy ground burnt huts everywhere and roofs were burnt off . Unfairly the Romans had won and they had taken over the Celts . Devastatingly family members have died children were crying helplessly and fleeing  slaughtered soldiers lay with armour destroyed .

We had been taken to Rome and become slaves . We had to obey new laws or otherwise punished or worse executed . Some of my fellow warriors got taken to the colosseum to die and if not become warriors for Rome . We had to obey a new horrible,mean and cruel emperor and if we were not helpful we would get tortured.

Boudicca diary by Neve

Dear diary,

I can’t believe  I survived ! It all started after the Romans had invalided and I was living in my hut in a tribal village , until … Lord Raverasener died and lord Seniervera became emperor . Seniervera changed the agreements between Raverasener and me ,I was furious . I was so frustrated that I declared war !

Charging like Rhinos , the Tribal warriors and I started the battle . Though the smokey air , all I could hear was screaming , swords clashing and flesh being sliced . Trying to fight , half dead warriors crawled around , blood was splattered everywhere  .

Ear pricing wails from families being killed , were heard all around . Muddy flesh was scattered every were . People were burnt to ashes from thatch top hut fires , including all of my family. In the dead invested field , I was frozen to the spot numbly  and shaking with fear .

Just then , I got grabbed by the neck by the only surviving Roman  warrior and sent to court . They decided that I’ll have to go to the threatening  Colosseum the next day however as the day crumbled into a terrifying night I could hardly sleep knowing I  mite not be alive the next week . The day I was dreading had finally  arrived ! But stragerling I out smarted

Anwyn’s diary

Dear diary’

How dare the Roman’s enslave me and my mum! One boiling, summer afternoon I was out helping my mum Plow the fields and sow the seed’s for the crops. We had receiv’ed news that a near by farm had been invaded. Along with it’s village, at late a afternoon there was an apprehensive mood in the air. Soon the evening sun lowered. We shivered at the thought of a Roman invasion.

The next day we heard the clank of Roman armour their march shook the ground and struck fear into my heart. I began to quiver. Suddenly I hear’ed the Clank of sword’s and hid in my straw bed. When I looked out my peeking hole through the wall, I saw Roman’s battleing  our warrior’s

Persuasive adverts

Look at the videos and make notes on how the persuade you to visit or buy what they are selling?

Roman social classes

Your challenge this afternoon, is to discover what the different social classes were like in Ancient Roman times.

You will be put into groups to explore each social groups and will need to find out:

*What their daily life was like? (food, clothing etc)
*What kinds of jobs did they had?
*What forms of entertainment did they did?


Here are some websites you may find useful


After you have completed your research, add notes to the correct Lino board to show what you have learnt.

Famous Emperors
(Caesar Augustus, Claudius, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian)






Slaves and Free men

Dear diary by Robert

One beautiful sunny day, I was at relaxing falling asleep. In a shadow of a doubt I heard some screaming people so I looked out the window and I saw lodes of strong warriors charging right at me. I was devastated I could not believe what was happening. A few min it’s later there were spears targeting and swords slicing.

Soon after there were baby’s crying piercing wales and mums choking. I went out side and saw half dead people lying on the bloody floor. There where sandals with limbs and blood on I could not believe what I saw. There were homes that had turned Into ash.

When I got back to my house it had turned into ash as we’ll so I had to go and find another house in another village. I was confused how this could of happened when I found out  that my family died. With my palms sweating I was crying for ages.

when I found a house to live in,I was sadder than I had ever bean before. My hart was beating so first I could not breath. My life was ruined all my friends had died. When I. got older I had bean turned into a slave by the ruler of the village


Dear diary Naomi

One day,my parents,who were bakers,were delivering bread around the village ,when I heard the other village had an invasion .I was scared I started shaking I ran to my blanket.At dusk the Roman soldiers cam to are village and destroyed nearly everything.

All around me, the Romans were killing people and taking them to the colosseum .people were dying, houses were on fire I smelt smoke,people were suffocating .brutally people are being captured, I am really scared everything is burned down. Sobbing, I searched everywhere for solvers mum then I saw the dreadful Romans taking my mum.i heard that I had to be a slave I felt so so sad my dad went to be a warrior. I was working for the dreadful Romans said I did something wrong when I didn’t. So I got beat up and whipped so heard I was crying.

Roman invasion by Rhys

Dear diary

Every day I work for my tribe leader washing clothes living in a small wooden hut. My boss was talking about a near by village that was invaded by the Romans. Unexpectedly hundreds of soldiers came charging like rhinos to the village.

The Romans deadly spears we’re flying every where and lots of screaming. I was protecting my boss. All over the floor there was dead bodies and puddles of blood.

Between the houses lots of people had sadly been murdered and everywhere was burning. I was appalled because my hut had completely gone up in flames my boss was really mad with the disgusting Romans because they made him wear wired clothes.

when the war ended they made some new food and coins also connecting to villages there was the first roads. Disappointingly they punished people.

My diary by Gemma

Dear diary: How dare they hurt me!

It was a normal day , I was in my house with my mum in our small village!in my wooden,ragged hut I was watching out my window and all I heard was utter silence until my friend came to me and told me her village had been destroyed . I was so worried because we might be the next.

Suddenly … THUD! The warriors came charging in like a heard of elephants .outside in the harsh wether,they were shouting to each other I was screaming and hugging my mum my shoulders were hunched. I was shocked and out of words I didn’t know what to do .

There were people crying and choking on the smoke I was devastated.on the dirty ,muddy floor I saw warriors wounded and crying in pain. There were homes burnt down and turned into ashes. There was smoke everywhere I had lost all my friends it is only me and my mum.

After we were invaded I found my dad on the floor with puddles of blood everywhere I was crying and screaming. All my money was gone I have no house I’m know poor.!


Gemma – You need to describe in more detail what you can see and hear to build a picture in the readers mind. Use when, where and how sentence openers.

Roman diary

Dear diary.

Yesterday at my hut it was a shocking day.There was a severe  sound . I ignored it.Now that I hired  a job as a slave I have a little hut.

It got hit by a spear,it set on fire after I felt furious ,some one said where all homeless. After that sudden unexpected moment,it stopped for about thirty seconds ,so I Ran in circles.We went to the leader of the Celts it was to late he was dead. It was a dead paradise!

We carried on, got chased,  i ran am to a ditch of blood and body’s. I turned and gone…

We saw the roads they built it was my escape path.

I’m free

Margo’s diary

Dear diary,

How dare they destroy our home and hurt loads of poor souls! As I was sweeping the floor of our modest, thatched hut to help mother, my sister tended to the fire. I was so nervous the brush kept slipping out of my palms, because father heard the news that the roman army was near. Suddenly I heard a noise, I realized a war had started. I ran away with my family to a hide-out near the lime-green bushes and ripped broken leaves. I saw chariot wheels were crushing warriors who were wounded and a few later ponds of dead body’s started to form.

A few hours later, the war had ended, and I saw broken, wrecked farms and huts. I ran over to crying baby’s and badly injured people! Even worse, dead people! After that, the law had changed and war had ended, they introduced food, roads and money I felt and angry and frustrated because it had changed my life. Every thing had changed for a few years and everything was strange for a very long time.

Roman diary

Dear Diary

Why did they do that? As the sun rows I was in the village washing my armour because, it was dirty. I  was living a normal life in my big wooden house with a straw roof  I heard a nearby village was under attack. After, that I was getting fit so I could fight I was felling brave.

Charging like rhinos with their spears and swords the Romans came, it was Loud and we we’re fighting back. People were shouting and screaming people were hurt and dying and it was dreadful. Me and the Celts were we would never let them win.There was destruction everywhere.

When the war ended It was like a bomb hit the place smoke and ashes were all around because house were burnt or on fire. Houses were lost from the Romans because they destroyed everything.

People were suffering. Some warriors had spears or
Swords in them with blood puddles on the floor village people about to die. Citizens are screaming and crying  because family members are died. Blood on the floor houses are burnt with trees on fire.

Everything changed food was different compared to the old food. There were new roads maybe it could take me to other place. We mite have to rebuild everything there was new money as well. I was so upset that everything was destroyed.in this burnt place there’s no escape.

Dear diary

Dear diary,

How dare they take my mum and my brother! As the sun rose,I  was out playing with my friend and my brother whilst my mum was cleaning the house. I, lived a happy life in my thatched house.

Happily, I lived in a tribal village with my mum,brother, but there was a lot of muttering in the village that the Romans had invaded a nearby town. Out, in the road I was still playing. All, of a sudden, there was a terrifying noise.

As the soldiers drew closer and closer, they began throwing spears and charging like rhinos. Suffering people, all over the blood field town where screaming and shouting loudly all the children had been crying, because they had lost there fathers and brothers. Trying not to worry, I started to cuddle my teddy and my family had ran away. A few hours later, people where heartbroken, because there they had smashed up all of the shops and stalls and there was glass scattered every where.

When they had disappeared into the hills,I could see clouds of deadly smoke filled the air. Seconds after, there were footprints over slaughtered body’s. In the distance, I had saw my dads dead body with pools of blood around him. My, hut was on fire and was on fire and my life had been flashing before my eyes. All of a sudden, I realised my brother had been been taken to the colosseum to fight a lion and so had my mum. There were new clothes, new laws and my house had turned to ashes. Now I’m a slave. Gladly, they have built roads so I think I can escape.

Romans by sharna

Dear Diary,

I was once getting food for my mum on the streets then all in a sudden people were running, so I had to ask what was happening, because I was puzzled.

Suddenly I saw Romans charging like elephants so when I saw my parents I ran off with them and I was terrified. There were dead people on the floor and huts on fire.

I saw my house was on fire,Romans were shouting and were daggers with blood on them on the floor. I was breathing heavily   I did not know what to do ,because there was smoke every were.  I finally reached the end but in a place were Romans made celts obey them.

They introduced us to there money,clothes,roads and food. They don’t have a right to do this but they said we helped France. If we don’t obey them we would be punished and I would be horrified.

Celts invaded

At the Celts one day i was playing with my 2 brothers , my Mum Emma and my Dad Ben were cleaning our hut . We over heard some people talking about a war for the thirst second but why joke about that?


Me and my brother we heard shouting words like charge and kill. Me and my two brothers were petrified and scared I shouted Mum Dad as loud as possible. Loads of spies. Came flying and blood started to drible down people. And then started the war. Us people where dying    and huts were on fire I was angry and scared and then I fainted . I woke up and the blood was like the ocean. When I got them I was scared and angry, but things started to change are clothes laws and even homes. We had to do jobs like make we made roads and I thought that can be how I get out. I thought that my dad and mum got taken to court and that’s how my life went on.

Roman story

Dear diary,I  was gathered in a near a hut with my fellow warriors  in Hampshire.I was a strong and wise however I had a wife and four children so that was awkwardly bad because I heard that the Romans are coming to invade.i was shocked I had to tell the village.

The Romans stormed in throwing spars and killing warriors with there swords the roman soldiers changed like strong armoured rhinos,however they had helmets like sparkly diamonds and trousers that are shiny green.All the Romans were chopping warriors heads off. Even though inside I was fritend so I stood up and charged into battle.

One day later I just about survived but sadly my family died.On the field people that died had made puddles of slimy yucky blood all over the place. My town was destroyed and the huts were on fire and so was broken. I was stomping across the village and wanted to get revenge.

My wife is in the amphitheater. I am so frustrated what did we do to get this. The good thing is they are building so I could escaped.I have no family because my hut caught on fire on and they got stuck in they died.

Luke’s roman and Celtic battle

Dear diary,

Today I heard rough, armoured  roman soldiers rampaging through the wooden castle gate. Fearlessly,I got on my feet ready to battle and so were my fellow Celtics. Eventually the Romans broke the defence. Citizens ran to safety away from the war but some did not make it to the crumbled exit.

Frightened,Speechless citizens had to try to hide from the emperor. In the corner of my eye I saw the precious, special tower crumbling down, so I leapt out of the way.

Sadly,Wounded men were robbed by tough,strength-ful roman soldiers and the Celtics felt overwhelmed. Nearly all of the remaining citizens we’re dead. Bother the tower and defence were bothered destroyed.

Near death celtics quickly,got transported to Rome to be exacted by Romans. Celtic warriors had no choice but to try and live in the ruins.There was nearly nothing inside the castle.after the war there was no more Celtics because the Romans were ready before.

Slowly After that, I decided to get on a frightened,weak horse and find a new castle. On the way I felt defenceless frustrated the horse was shaking the whole way to where I am now because of the death like war I had no men or castles but now ruins.








Roman invasion by Peter

Dear Diary,

What just happened? why did they do this to us? We did nothing to them, they have no reason why they should. Feeling nervous, at midnight there was a huge crash at the docks, several roman soldiers came charging in like elephants directly at me I was so surprised and afraid, because I had to rapidly get ready for a  frightening battle. Before they charged, I was living a normal life in an unassuming village in a wood and straw house.

Wanting to get them back for trying to invade us I tried to slice my sword through their thick body however I couldn’t and they also couldn’t kill me we were as strong as each other. Charging in like a bull, the Romans were throwing vicious spears and after slicing their swords like a knife sawing a pizza. It was such a hard time.

Weeping in sadness after the invaid I sprinted over dead, wounded bodies to my hut, because it might have been ript to shreds. Ashes were everywhere and everything was burning. It was terrifying to watch. But to make it worse a family member was lost. It was my wife. This was the worst time of my life.

At the time the sun rose, everyone heard we would have to wear new clothes. It changed everything. We wanted to get them back  even though we would be punished very harshly. At least I still had one family member left. It was my son.


Dear diary


They ripped my life apart. As the sun rows, I was washing my leather armour ready for the invasion. With horror, the pedestrian s we’re screaming ,so I sprinted out of the door and I saw deadly spears charging every were. All of a sudden, my army billeted at every thing.

Slicing through there lung, my wife got executed I was sad and nerves, because there weren’t many men left. Every thing was gone, even my house, it was a disaster. I didn’t have clothes or a house.

There was puddles of blood and sipped deadly screamed. For the rest of my life I had to were dirty clothes. My life was ruined  I was rely upset because I had no wife and no children. After that, I had to fined a knew house because mine turned into ashes. It was a confused  life. Sadly, I was single for the rest of my unusual life.


Roman invasion diary By Thomas H

Dear Diary,

How dare those blithering Romans tear my whole life up into smithereens!

As the sun rose, I was listening intently playing hide and seek, listening for crashes to tell my mother that the Romans were coming. As mother cleaned our robes, she did the same. Soon after the tremendous crash came …

My village became a battlefield. As we huddled in anxiousness we saw people fleeing for their lives.Our hearts were racing. Barging like Bulls, the soldiers charged through, thrashing their swords in all direction. I threatened them with all my life was worth. As we fled through the village to the coast, my mum was slaughtered.  I started to get butterflies in my stomach, because of the scent or the fire and the death of my mother. This was destruction.

In the pathways, there was now puddles of blood as if there had been a blood tsunami. Soon, the Warriors cried in pain. Burning houses made billowing smoke. Consequently, suffocating wounded villagers splutered like an old dying man. As if they had fallen asleep between the houses, dead villagers lay in front of me. I wanted to go to a town where a bloodthirsty Roman army would never come. Fists shaking, I walked around  my battlefield.

My life was changed completely we wore new clothes and we had new food. I felt that if I could I would kill every Roman. However, on the up side, they built  new roads, so I thought that could be an escape route…


The Romans by Harriet

Dear diary, why was there a new emperor? It annoyed me so much that I had to start war. I was worried that I was going to die also our agreement broke.

I got the troops ready ,the army marched with me. I finally saw the Romans. As we got closer,I sneaked up on the them. Confidently, I stoked across the Romans. As the fire was set, the Romans were stronger than i thought we lost. Terror came round me when the fire was lit.

When I saw the burned land, I asked myself,why? I heard screeching whaling noises, my Preparation hut is on fire. Almost the burning wreckage , nearly killed me. After that, there was blood raining when I saw the war. I noticed all my troops died by going to the colosseum. I saw blood splatted on everyone it was freaky, I was shivering all over.

I wish I could escape I coudn’t ,because traps were everywhere terror was spinning around me. Suddenly, I saw from a distance a tools Center I stole the expensive sword I got nailed on to a wall , blood was spitting off me. The law changed I was lucky that I survived in this strange world.

Mayank’s dairy

Dear dairy,

How dare they leave my life incomplete. I wish I could crush them into pieces,but unfortunately there are new rules. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning. In my tribal village it was a normal day  when I was about to take part in protecting the other village nearby.

After 3 whole days, I can back from the fight. My innocent children were drawing in the books they had and my wife was washing the clothes. With my palm sweating, I was very nervous  as my job was a warrior. I needed to be ready for anything. In a blink of an eye, I heard shocking news that there was an invasion in the village that were living in.

The soldiers  marched  into there positions, but before I went to my  place I was leading my wife and children to a safe place. Everyone screamed and charged. Some of the soidlers threw their spears and attacked. The warriors were fighting there enemy’s, but unfortunately we did not win.

After the invasion, most of the warriors were seriosly injured or even worse dead! The Romans had burnt our houses and were taking our presious stuff. They were also burning ashes that were pale black coulered in the battle field. Everyone was emosnal.

Now there are new changes to our life like there are new clothes that we have to wear. My face was red but if broke the laws we could be punished very badly. Our family was dead and we also now have new roads that were built and also we have new changes.

Craftsmens diary

Dear Diary

Why did they invade us! It was an early morning in the barn and I was sewing a pleasing unocorn for my baby. Muttering was all I did while I was in bed.

Hearing deafining feet I grabbed my baby and sprinted home. With in seconds, I was locking all of my doors with my baby in my arms, so we would be safe. I thought it was sunset but  instead it was flames from a near by hut.

SNAP! CRACKLE! It was my house. I started to tremble ,because crimson and turquoise flames were on my thatched roof. Suddenly my baby spluttered. I ran to a freinds hut trying to avoid the puddles of blood from the razor sharp spears .

After 3 years of being invaded, there was a speech saying that an emperor was now ruling us. That emperor made new rules they where: no more chariots ,because they made dirty tracks. No more sobbing ,because you’ve lost a family member ,which I had. It was my baby. They ripped her out of my arms and and killed her with a club in a chariot. My heart sank lower and lower each time they clouted her. That was the end of the terrible invasion.

Angel’s Diary

Dear Diary ,

How could they take my precious hut away from me! As dawn broke in my poor village, my mum Susan was doing the washing  while my sister Georgina my brother Deago me Angel don’t forget my dog April, were playing in the in the garden in my tiny hut , having fun.

Suddenly, I heard a noise charging like rhinos I saw hundreds of men coming towards my village ! Dust was flying everywhere, in the Romans eyes and blinding them. They were running round everywhere. I was screaming with terror so was my family.

A second later, there was flying doors, smashed windows, burnt huts and dead people. With are harts beating, me and my family rushed out of our burnt hut and ran behind a tree to sit down because we were exhausted from running away , the invasion went on for ever!

When we all woke up,we saw about five men and five women who took us to our new hut witch was much bigger than our old hut. But one thing we all hated was our that we had  new laws. I was devastated! Now looking back it was not all that bad because I still have my family standing with me. Although we are all very old now they are still with me!  

 How would you feel if this happened to you?


Romans by Michael

Today I was training and then I heard some loud marching my hart was beating like a flash with  terror .  I heard some wrecks in the distance . I can see them destroying my village so I fearlessly ran over  to see what w as happening .


When I got there I saw blood  and  friends on the floor hurt bodes  are everywhere  and  houses all destroyed wood on the floor from shops and houses.



When  I   Looked  over my solder I saw a crowed of soldiers  marching towards my village . And I fearlessly  ran to the village To warn them to follow me  to my kingdom. I felt so tears came out my eyes.

Underfloor heating


This is a picture of underfloor heating. I made this because it was for my homework, it was so cool.
Did you know Romans invented a way to light a fire under their houses, so the floor heats up to keep their feet warm. On floor there offen a mosaic and it looks lovely. There are little tunels for the heat to get around the floor.

Roman mosaic


In my Easter Holiday I went to the roman villa for my homework.When I saw the wonderful mosaics I was blown away by the patterns that the staff had dug up. Did you know that slaves used to put down and stick the tiny flat mosaic tiles.


Roman statue


Early roman art was very much like Greek art, the Romans thought that Greek art was amazing. The difference between them was that Greeks loved the beauty of great art but roman art was more about power and money. Most of the Greek artists were slaves and had nothing to do but art. Rich Romans decorated their homes with art and expensive jewelry.

Roman poster


The Romans invented straight roads, so it is quicker to travel around. It was important to the roman army to be able to move around the country to fight enemy’s or come back to the base.

Early roman houses revolved around the primitive farm life of early times,which all members of the family lived in one large room together. The earliest of roman homes were round or oval shaped huts with thatched roofs, the later huts were oval shaped in more advanced times came rectangular.

The Romans

Add a sticky to show what you already know about the Romans.
Green = I know …
Pink = I think…
Yellow = I would like to find out

Peer assessing and improving…

Today, we will have some time to peer assess the videos that you produced using Tellagami last week. During the Skype session with Graham Hill from The Deep in Hull, Graham challenged you to create a video that would persuade people to help save an endangered animal. For this activity, you will need:

1. Your script that you wrote in your books
2. Your Tellagami video on an ipad

Below are some prompts from the writing station last week, click on them to enlarge them:



IMG_4963 copy

Working in pairs, you will have 15 minutes with a partner to spend on each video. Questions you need to ask each other are:

1. Did the video persuade you?
2. Which features of persuasion did the author use well?
3. How well did the author vary the way sentences were opened?
4. Did the author use any rhetorical questions?
5. How well did the author use emotive language?

1. Watch your partner’s video with them and discuss the following points:
*Did the Video persuade you?
*Which features of persuasion did the author use well?
*How well did the author vary sentence openers?
*Did the author use any rhetorical questions?
*How well did the author use emotive language?
*How well did the author use their voice in the video?

2. Agree with your partner on three things they could do to improve their video using the prompts below and write these on three post it notes so they can be stuck in their books near their writing.



3. You will have a further 15 minutes to swap over so that both of you have 3 post it notes on points that could make your script even better.

Flipped Learning in the Hive

Pupils in class 4C have been using the tutorials and support in this blog post to work independently this morning. They have been using the innovative space called ‘The Hive’ to work in three different stations to produce their persuasive video for Graham Hill at The Deep in Hull.

Graham Skyped the children on Wednesday lunchtime to challenge the pupils to create a video persuading people to help save an endangered animal. Here’s the story in pictures so far:


Click here to view all the videos on Youtube.

Here are just a selection to whet your appetite:

Here’s Ben H’s

Here’s Jay’s

Here’s Emily C’s:

Tellagami Project…

Below are some tutorials to help you complete the tasks set for you this morning! You will be split into three groups and you will have around 30 minutes in each station. Each station has a focus:

Station 1 – Using the App Tellagami: Click HERE
Station 2 – Exploring persuasion
Station 3 – Scripting your writing

Station 1 – Using Tellagami
By the end of this session you should have:
1. Watched the tutorial.
2. Had a play with the App.
3. Understand what all the buttons do.
4. Know how to add a background taken from a screenshot on your iPad.

How to use Tellagami:

How to take a screen shot on your iPad to add as a background for your Tellagami:

Station 2 – Persuasion
By the end of this session you should have:
1. Watched the various videos thinking about what they did well.
2. Begin to think about what your advert will look like and what you will be saying.
3. Start looking for pictures on your iPad that you could include as the background to your advert.

Using repetition (Disappearing)

NOT waffling! The first 30 seconds of this video show how being precise and straight to the point could have the impact you want:

No words but look at how this video uses emotion. READ the signs the animals are holding – facts and emotion:

Station 3 – What are you going to say? (YOUR SCRIPT)
By the end of this session, you should have:
1. Watched the video on scripts
2. Written out your script in your books
3. Rehearsed reading out your script thinking about pace
4. Read out your script to another pupil.
5. Listened to another pupil read you their script.

You must make sure that in your script you cover:
1. A short introduction to your animal including some facts.
2. Why it is endangered.
3. What people can do to help.

Remember you will only have 30 seconds to get your key points across. You will only have time for 3 or 4 sentences.
Key things to include in a playscript:

My Hallelujah Mountain Writing by Ben1

Hallelujah Mountains flout by Unobtaniun that acts like magnets but with rock instead but they repel. The mountains go 8mph around the surface. The Hallelujah Mountains is where the Banshee, Leonoptryx and mysterious plants live. The weight of the largest mountain is 135 tonnes.

Communication in Class 4C

Sentence Play…

Below are 5 sentences. With a partner, write out the sentence with the words in a different order in a comment.

1. The Hallelujah Mountains float above the forest regions of Pandora circulating like icebergs at sea

2. On Pandora, huge chunks of Unobtanium rip from the surface of the moon.

3. The Hallelujah Mountains have cliffs with waterfalls cascading off them turning into mist and clouds.

4. The Mountain Banshee chooses to roost and rest on the Hallelujah Mountains.

5. Huge vines twist dangling below connecting some of the Hallelujah Mountains.

Coveritlive session…

Live Blog Class 4C Coveritlive

The tree of souls by Mayank

The tree of souls is multi-coloured,it gives out luminous light and it looks quit slimy as the blue skinned Na’vi touch them (the  tree of souls strings). This tree is used for making a connection to Eywa, the deity of the people of  Pandora, as well as giving her a way to connect of the world Pandora. It also contains the capability to connect with the human nervous system. It is important to the Navi ,because that is where they worship. They have a deep sense of reverence for these important places and for all of Pandora. Although, this tree has magnificent beauty some creatures sense that it looks a little bit unassuming.

The Tree of Souls by Helena

Through the distance, standing proudly, the tree of souls gives light to the whole of Pandora and na’vi. It’s stands out at night like a burning-hot fire to protect the vile,plated haired na’vi. At day time, the tree of souls looks like a pure-white milk bottle with branches. The tree of souls represents a na’vi  that died or had been eaten by peculiar creatures. It makes the sky bright like a sun at night.

Tree of souls

Standing tall, the gigantic, silky tree is not unassuming to any one. The white, transparent vines hang on to the lush tree. This tree is called the tree of souls, it is like a god to the special Na’vi. If this wasn’t there all of the Na’vi will have no soul. The bendy, flexible can stretch further than you think.

Tree of souls by casey

At night, when the sky is an ebony black the tree stands with delight as its monster like branch heals worries with care. The delicate braided vines, help the Na’vi to heal scars. They rub it on their face then eventually the wood sprites appear and work their magic. When the roots start to dance with joy, the Na’vi join in ,because it’s fun for them. Although the tree of souls is unassuming, during the day its moss is so slimy the Na’vi use it on their face ,because it is the nearest moon to the sun.

The tree of souls

The tree of souls can make people feel better , using its powerful ,strong vines when you touch it  you will feel the power running through  your arm. It works by using a special light source.

The tree of souls by kiera

Swaying gracefully in the wind,the tree of souls stands in the middle of the creepy, spooky woods. Although it looks unassuming, it is sacred and magical to the Na’vi,because it contains their ancestors thoughts  memories. In the inky,ebony darkness, the Tree of souls shines all sorts of lilacs and aquas. Also, the Na’vi  say that it is there home. Day or night, the tree answers there priers and it has heeling powers to heel the Na’vi. The, Na’vi connect  to the tree with the end of there hair. When the Na’vi are lost the tree of souls guides them. They, also use the Tree of souls to connect with Eywa which is the god that protects the Na’vi.

The Tree of Souls by Peter

Standing tall the marvelous Tree of Souls has luminous strips that hang down like vines The Navi hold onto these strips to know what the other Navi that had past away are feeling. Amazingly it’s gargantuan size makes it about twenty times the size of  an unassuming tree the aqua Navi have ceremonies here so they can bring the others back to life. It is so enormous that it has thousands and thousands of strips so it will need around that much people to hold hands and go round it.

The Tree of Souls

Sitting on top of the huge leaves stand the tree of sole. the diamond like branches are as long as a giraffe neck. It can stand up to (20m tall). The tree of sole is like a humongous crustal. The tree has a twisted trunk that can grow so tall that you can not imagine it.

The tree of souls by Emilyc

Standing significantly, with floating wood sprites decorating the air it glows with beauty in the sky. It has wonderful features like connection to Eywa. It is a point of extreme spiritual significance to the Na’vi more so than any other on Pandora. The tree of souls has the amazing power of saving people. When it is day it looks unassuming.

The Tree of souls by Neve

The stunning, neon branches , witch are frantically platted  , elegantly dance in the whistling wind. It’s mighty magic helps the Na’vi’s alive, if we had the tree of souls it would be a life saver. It’s raged bark fixes wounds as quick as a bullet (10,000MPH).

Tree of souls by jasmine smith

In the middle of Pandora stands the tree of souls ,in the mid night air the vines  sway dangling from the ground below.As the lush diamond tree stands out in, the ebony pitch black night .It is used for heeling humans because they can not breath in the humid , toxic air.The branches reach like hands and creek as the Na’vi climb the tree and have fun.

The tree of souls by Thomas H

Standing proudly in a rugged basin, The tree of souls heals the Na’vi, it is the most important thing for them. It’s illuminous remote branches stretch out in the moonlight as if it was haunted. The plated, tangled vines sway in the wind.Because of its haunted look scares the animals that come near providing protection for the Na’vi. It is also important, because if they plug their hair in the vines they can connect to the human nerve system. They also use it to pray for their goddess named Eywa to give them good luck.

Tree of souls

Proudly this illuminous,vast tree stands in all of its glory.This tree heal all of the Na’vi. As these neon trees sway they heal them.It is very important to the Na’vi because it is a place where they go to worship.this trees leaves crunch as the Na’vi quickly run like a bullet through Pandora. Although in has many features this raged trees stand in its glory.

Intro of pandora by troy:)

Pandora a world of wondrous plants,vast forests with exotic animals and striking colours. In the vast rems of Pandora,there are no humans, because of the toxic air. Pandora is a moon that orbits Poletheenus in the solar system Alpha Centauri which’s exactly 4.4 light years from earth. Pandora’s things are several times the size of earths. It’s sun is Alpha Centauri A (ACA).

The tree of souls by Anwyn

The tree of souls is, a wondrous creation of incredible power, and bio-luminescent beauty. This willow like tree dangles millions of small leaves like long beautiful plaits. Its purpose is to heal the dead and light up the dark night. Its in the Hallelujah Mountains and is the closest connection to Eywa in Pandora. Its light pink leafs are the most beautiful in all the galaxy!

The tree of souls by thomas1

In the heart of the forest, the tree of souls droops its vine-like branches to the lush, green grass below. The willow-like leaves look like dry, melted crystal that swirls and dance in the wind. The tree is imperative for two reasons. One it helps the Na’vi to connect to Eywa (their goddess) through it and the other is it can revive the Na’vi. Its twisted roots make arches so Pandoran critters can pass under.

The tree of souls by Gemma

Swaying proudly beside a transparent,gushing lake the tree of souls hangs it’s twisted fishtail end branches. Despite the fact the tree of souls looks unassuming, this tree helps transfer your mind to your avatar. At night, the tree’s souls shines bright like the brightest star in space. If you control the tree of souls you control the whole moon. If you touch it,it helps fix your nervous system, the Na’vi are fighting the RDA for control of the moon and the tree.at night, the tree lights up giving light to other creatures to find there way. Day or night this tree is helpful,special.

Pandora introduction by Thomas H

Pandora. A world of exotic beauty ,lush vegetation  and peculiar landscapes. Alpha Centauri, Pandora’s solar system, is 4.4 light years from Earths Southern Hemisphere, so you can see it from here. Because it is a moon, it orbits Polythenus a planet 7 times the size of Saturn. Half of Pandora is full of lush plants, because half of it is rainforest, pure as the Amazon. Pandora’s toxic atmosphere, is inhabitable by humans. Alpha Centauri A, Pandora’s sun is sometimes unseen, because Polythenus has blocked it out.

The Tree of Souls

Add Green stickies for adjectives
Yellow stickies for the purpose of the tree
Blue stickies for why it is important to the Na’vi

Pandora by day and night

Add stickies to the Linoit below to describe Pandora.
Use GREEN post its for day and BLUE post its for night.

The Thanator by Peter, Michael

This venomous monster is soulless and it scans the full, wild forest for its prey. It is so deadly that it is the most fierce  animal so if you would ever meet it RUN! It has got a pitch black  skin and it has the most muscly leg you would ever see.  This vile creature spiky thorn like things sticking out its ear (lazear). The eyes of this creature are so beady that it can see for miles. It’s got the thickest skin an animal would ever have which is dark black.

The Thanator by Neve and Helena

Appearance :

This blood thirsty monster lurks through the shadows of the trees, whilst finding something to sink its razor sharp teeth (Razeeth) into. This creatures strong and muscular biceps crush anything in its way whilst scanning the area for its prey. It’s venomous spikes (arrears) navigate anything around it. It’s forehead is as big as a giant balloon, knocking the largest tree to the ground.

The Banshee by Milly and EmilyC

This revolting demon stands as tall as a tree (10.64m).Its muscular tail carelessly scoops its predicted from behind. As it swoops through the air the predator get to near,then it tackle  it with its razor sharp claws. As his wings approach it’s prey from down below its venomous-teeth crunch though its scaly prey.

Keep coming to see what we do!!

Hello Kiera here!

I just would like to say keep coming and looking at our progress. There are some animals that we have described. So come and add comments to our blog and have a read. See what you think.

Thank you 🙂

Add a sticky for any facts you learn about Pandora.

Blogging our Writing…

The scary enormous Thanator by Aiden and Sam

This  fearless creature it’s  as  tall as a airplane.The blood sucker has 10 bladed, sharp teeth which if touch a human will make them bleed (deathly) and could slice a house in half. Muscular yet fat, this killer scans through the slimy trees for it’s prey like the viper wolf.

The Great Leonoptryx By Faye and Kiera

This demon like beast, glides through the air like a hawk. With its dagger and sword (swagger) wings voraciously flapping behind it. Approximately,it’s 2.60m tall. It has fins the colour of the sun set. However it has humongous crimson, lava like wings.  As well it’s belly looks like it is caring a baby. The ears of the Leonoptryx look like a tail and ears (earail). The neck of the Leonoptryx is as tall as a giraffe.

Viper Wolf Harrison Jay

This lethal predator stands as tall as a lion (2.32m).This mighty tail can strangle innocent prey to feed on. Using its vital razor sharp (tades) can kill any large prey within less than 10 seconds. Its laser like eyes can see from country to country (88m) that are light white.

The Great Leonoptryx by Luke and jamie

In a blink of an eye the great leonoptryx searches for its prey with its razor sharp teeth. Like a stealthy fox the ferocious beast tracks it’s prey with its venomous pitch black claws. Roughly it’s length is about 10 meters average like a great white shark.His muscular bones,are like a horses hooves so it can trample its prey when it’s on the ground.

The thick skinned hammerhead tythanasaurus by Troy and Thomas1

This venomous blood-sucking predator, with skin as thick as a wall, stands as tall as a giraffe. Its hammer like  head is always prepared to knock down trees in its path and its prey to death. Its fire like eye balls are as big as your head! Its ear antler thing is great for swatting Pesky flies.

The banshee by Poppy Gemma

This revolting creature, stands as tall as house (8.3m tall). It’s claws , (kazer) are as sharp as a tip of a razor knife. Its 250 vile teeth, (veeth) are as deadly as a venomous black cobra. The banshee,swoops down with its spine-ripping chin slicing for its delicious prey.  It’s black volcano-coloured spots, scare away all the other flesh eating beast. Its (relack) tail wipes, through the transparent clouds trying to pick up speed. It’s flame yellow zig zags, shoot out poison to  predators and prey.

Great Leonoptryx by Casey and Jasmine.

Heartlessly, this beast uses its claw nails for its horrible prey, no matter how big its prey is.It uses its Della (belly) ,which is very fat, to gobble it up. This blood thirsty creature uses its sworver (tail) to defend its self from its vicious predator. The colossal, terrifying monster stomps so loud that when you go near you will start to jump.

Some opening sentences so far…

Teamwork in Class 4C

Welcome back from Milly!

Non-Chronological Report Knowledge Harvest…

Use the Lino below to create post it notes containing the features of Non-Chronological Reports. Use a green post it note for features you are confident about and pink post it notes for features you are not so sure about. Click HERE to view the Lino fullscreen: