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Anwyn’s diary

Dear diary’ How dare the Roman’s enslave me and my mum! One boiling, summer afternoon I was out helping my mum Plow the fields and sow the seed’s for the crops. We had receiv’ed news that a near by farm had been invaded. Along with it’s village, at late a afternoon there was an apprehensive […]

The tree of souls by Anwyn

The tree of souls is, a wondrous creation of incredible power, and bio-luminescent beauty. This willow like tree dangles millions of small leaves like long beautiful plaits. Its purpose is to heal the dead and light up the dark night. Its in the Hallelujah Mountains and is the closest connection to Eywa in Pandora. Its […]

Anwyn’s winter poem

A sheet of glamoures white snow cover’s the ground Mabey it will last until summer As the breese gets strong and the going gets tough we hold onto are thinking hats Soon it will be summer so I don’t have much time to spend playing in the snow In time i’ll have to say good […]