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The girl, the window and the orbs

As it was a hot night she had been warned not to keep her window open. Angelina climbed into her cozy bed and waited and waited. When her parents finally got into bed, she creeped as quietly and sleekly as a fox and opened her bedroom window. “I’ll just keep it open for 30 mins,” […]

The war in Syria

Fire fighters save children who have been trapped under fallen houses Lifeless children scramble Tears everywhere Sirens like rapid police cars Agony of parents and children’s loss Bleak, wheezing children in need of blankets Hospitals full up with people Wishing the enemies would surrender People risking their lives for others Enemies grab and shove houses […]

Craftsmens diary

Dear Diary Why did they invade us! It was an early morning in the barn and I was sewing a pleasing unocorn for my baby. Muttering was all I did while I was in bed. Hearing deafining feet I grabbed my baby and sprinted home. With in seconds, I was locking all of my doors […]

Tree of souls by casey

At night, when the sky is an ebony black the tree stands with delight as its monster like branch heals worries with care. The delicate braided vines, help the Na’vi to heal scars. They rub it on their face then eventually the wood sprites appear and work their magic. When the roots start to dance […]

Great Leonoptryx by Casey and Jasmine.

Heartlessly, this beast uses its claw nails for its horrible prey, no matter how big its prey is.It uses its Della (belly) ,which is very fat, to gobble it up. This blood thirsty creature uses its sworver (tail) to defend its self from its vicious predator. The colossal, terrifying monster stomps so loud that when […]


homeless   I wake up feeling ready In the cold frosty air Without a single penny I lay on the chair   I shiver and I sneeze Without a home I ask for some money please I wish I had a phone

Ancient Greek setting description

Sleepily, Princess Amanda saw five mysterious, crazy humps with doors,but she thought she was imagining things. In her beautifully decorated room, Amanda saw her silky,blue dress and she remembered she was going camping that day. As Amanda looked out of her cold,stone window she saw Herakles trying to push the rocks she thought it was […]