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Glowing Bubbles

Her mum warned CC  not to open her window and fall asleep at night . But on this summer night she said to her mum Good night and she tries to go to sleep but she was really hot in her room. Suddenly then she remembered what her mum told her , but, because she […]

Angel’s Diary

Dear Diary , How could they take my precious hut away from me! As dawn broke in my poor village, my mum Susan was doing the washing  while my sister Georgina my brother Deago me Angel don’t forget my dog April, were playing in the in the garden in my tiny hut , having fun. […]

The Great Leonoptryx By Faye and Kiera

This demon like beast, glides through the air like a hawk. With its dagger and sword (swagger) wings voraciously flapping behind it. Approximately,it’s 2.60m tall. It has fins the colour of the sun set. However it has humongous crimson, lava like wings.  As well it’s belly looks like it is caring a baby. The ears […]

Ancient Greek setting description

From their open window in a tiny small little cottage, the lovely Princess’s Milly and  Emily saw their mother through her massive castle window killing a person from the village.The castle is a pretty white ice castle because she loves ice.