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The mysterious window

As the clock struck nine the ebony,black night falled and he fell asleep Into a deep sleep! As he fell asleep he was dreaming about his transparent,cracked window he had been warned not to keep it open but tonight he knew best! This wasn’t the only time he had been warned about it his friends! […]

How to make a roman catapult!

Do you want to fire things through your house or even have a war with your friend? Follow my instructions and you will have a strong catapult to fire. To make a catapult read on! You will need 6 plant sticks, 1 plastic cup, 10 elastic bands, 1 piece of blue tack and 1 pencil […]

My diary by Gemma

Dear diary: How dare they hurt me! It was a normal day , I was in my house with my mum in our small village!in my wooden,ragged hut I was watching out my window and all I heard was utter silence until my friend came to me and told me her village had been destroyed […]

The tree of souls by Gemma

Swaying proudly beside a transparent,gushing lake the tree of souls hangs it’s twisted fishtail end branches. Despite the fact the tree of souls looks unassuming, this tree helps transfer your mind to your avatar. At night, the tree’s souls shines bright like the brightest star in space. If you control the tree of souls you […]

The banshee by Poppy Gemma

This revolting creature, stands as tall as house (8.3m tall). It’s claws , (kazer) are as sharp as a tip of a razor knife. Its 250 vile teeth, (veeth) are as deadly as a venomous black cobra. The banshee,swoops down with its spine-ripping chin slicing for its delicious prey.  It’s black volcano-coloured spots, scare away […]

My diary Lilly and the gross beast

                                        Dear diary   Wow! what an exhausting day I’ve had! Ive been through some crazy things like fighting some hairy beast,saving my brother and even more than that! Biting my nails,there I stood at the […]

Ancient Greek setting description

Loudly,the ragged,stony hills crumbled down the bumpy stair case,whilst everyone rushed out the way.In the cold, stone temple,the little girl awoke from her soft,comfy bed listening to the terrible noise of rocks falling down the hills.as the light sun was rising up,Lilly looked out the window with a shocking face seeing the crumbling rocks shooting […]