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Insect in the bedroom window by Harriet and Rhys

The insects in the window Without warning He had been warned not to leave the window open but that balmy summer evening James had thought he knew better. Suspiciously A shiver ran down his spine , later that ebony night a inky pest came in. James was asleep he didn’t know they were there . […]

The Romans by Harriet

Dear diary, why was there a new emperor? It annoyed me so much that I had to start war. I was worried that I was going to die also our agreement broke. I got the troops ready ,the army marched with me. I finally saw the Romans. As we got closer,I sneaked up on the them. […]

Ancient Greek Setting description

Mysteriously everyone was in the marvous  market preparing to battle the half crab half bird half wolf monster.In the awesome market i can see the treacherous  temple that he lives in. it 6:00 i  can hear the screeching sounds of the screaming creature in the bush.it was coming to night time .I am scared ,because of […]