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Roman diary

Dear Diary Why did they do that? As the sun rows I was in the village washing my armour because, it was dirty. I  was living a normal life in my big wooden house with a straw roof  I heard a nearby village was under attack. After, that I was getting fit so I could […]

Viper Wolf Harrison Jay

This lethal predator stands as tall as a lion (2.32m).This mighty tail can strangle innocent prey to feed on. Using its vital razor sharp (tades) can kill any large prey within less than 10 seconds. Its laser like eyes can see from country to country (88m) that are light white.

Ancient Greek setting description

Merely he walked round the bustling , loud town which surrounded by dirty, ragged hills.At the chattering market square traders we’re trading we’re selling juice , tasty fruit and vegetables.By midday the scorching , burning sun made everyone gasping for water.