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Margo’s diary

Dear diary, How dare they destroy our home and hurt loads of poor souls! As I was sweeping the floor of our modest, thatched hut to help mother, my sister tended to the fire. I was so nervous the brush kept slipping out of my palms, because father heard the news that the roman army […]

Roman statue

Early roman art was very much like Greek art, the Romans thought that Greek art was amazing. The difference between them was that Greeks loved the beauty of great art but roman art was more about power and money. Most of the Greek artists were slaves and had nothing to do but art. Rich Romans […]

The Tree of Souls by Helena

Through the distance, standing proudly, the tree of souls gives light to the whole of Pandora and na’vi. It’s stands out at night like a burning-hot fire to protect the vile,plated haired na’vi. At day time, the tree of souls looks like a pure-white milk bottle with branches. The tree of souls represents a na’vi […]

The Thanator by Neve and Helena

Appearance : This blood thirsty monster lurks through the shadows of the trees, whilst finding something to sink its razor sharp teeth (Razeeth) into. This creatures strong and muscular biceps crush anything in its way whilst scanning the area for its prey. It’s venomous spikes (arrears) navigate anything around it. It’s forehead is as big […]

Ancient Greek setting description

Slowly,The scorching, hot sun peeked up and Adam got out of bed.After that, Adam had a piece of orange and sat on the ragged  chair.he was in his cottage all alone,He looked through the dirty,old window and saw people trading for Grapes, Bread, Olives and oranges.As the clock struck twelve,Adam was tired so he brushed […]