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Roman mosaic

In my Easter Holiday I went to the roman villa for my homework.When I saw the wonderful mosaics I was blown away by the patterns that the staff had dug up. Did you know that slaves used to put down and stick the tiny flat mosaic tiles.

Tree of souls by jasmine smith

In the middle of Pandora stands the tree of souls ,in the mid night air the vines  sway dangling from the ground below.As the lush diamond tree stands out in, the ebony pitch black night .It is used for heeling humans because they can not breath in the humid , toxic air.The branches reach like […]

Great Leonoptryx by Casey and Jasmine.

Heartlessly, this beast uses its claw nails for its horrible prey, no matter how big its prey is.It uses its Della (belly) ,which is very fat, to gobble it up. This blood thirsty creature uses its sworver (tail) to defend its self from its vicious predator. The colossal, terrifying monster stomps so loud that when […]

ancient greek selting description

Merrily, Gemma was walking across the busy beautiful market. in the centre of the sandy market where Gemma was waiting for everybody to arrive for the humongous feast and Gemma was getting ready.  when everybody arrived ,Gemma enjoyed the humungous feast .