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Syria poem

Scrambling to escape, parents carry there petrified children Shattered lives surround me Children aghast, worker’s memories haunted Blood puddles in every direction Fleeing devastated people Buildings demolished, signs smashed Agony in every soul Confusion, questioning everywhere Precious homes ferociously being ripped to pieces Exposing hearts Pathways open like huge eyes Planes bomb the city Parents […]

My diary

Dear Diary How dare they destroy my home! As the sun went down we trained harshly until dawn because I heard Romans set of in our direction , we lived in a tribal village with huge fields surrounding  us . Listening apprehensively , I marched  around the village with my chest up and head straight […]

Viper Wolf Harrison Jay

This lethal predator stands as tall as a lion (2.32m).This mighty tail can strangle innocent prey to feed on. Using its vital razor sharp (tades) can kill any large prey within less than 10 seconds. Its laser like eyes can see from country to country (88m) that are light white.

Achilles saves Pegasus

Achilles hid behind a ragged rock and avoided his venomous, putrid breath.He shot a black arrow it bounced of the  scaly,slimy beast then shot the second arrow again it bounced of he stood firmly and shot the third arrow,  the beast let out a loud wail….boom! Achilles had won. Persia rushed in to ask what […]

Ancient Greek setting description

There”s so many ragged hills and its bustling with people.There”s thousands of titchy glamorous houses you can hear donkeys and lots of noises everywhere at the top of the bumpy,disgraceful hills there is a great colossus,mossy temple.At dawn you can see wonderful stars there”s hundreds of boats in the silent harbor dawdling away in to the […]