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Kiera’s poem about Syria

Homes tattered and torn beyond all redemption, Powerless people scatter on the streets Agony rises once again. Suffocating smoke filling the air, Haunting memories surround the sky Bricks ripped from homes, Bellowing fills the atmosphere Downhearted  whimpers of the homeless, Uneasy people in distress Questioning, Agony rises once again. People scramble sorrowfully, No doors to […]

Dear diary

Dear diary, How dare they take my mum and my brother! As the sun rose,I  was out playing with my friend and my brother whilst my mum was cleaning the house. I, lived a happy life in my thatched house. Happily, I lived in a tribal village with my mum,brother, but there was a lot […]

The tree of souls by kiera

Swaying gracefully in the wind,the tree of souls stands in the middle of the creepy, spooky woods. Although it looks unassuming, it is sacred and magical to the Na’vi,because it contains their ancestors thoughts  memories. In the inky,ebony darkness, the Tree of souls shines all sorts of lilacs and aquas. Also, the Na’vi  say that […]

Keep coming to see what we do!!

Hello Kiera here! I just would like to say keep coming and looking at our progress. There are some animals that we have described. So come and add comments to our blog and have a read. See what you think. Thank you 🙂

The Great Leonoptryx By Faye and Kiera

This demon like beast, glides through the air like a hawk. With its dagger and sword (swagger) wings voraciously flapping behind it. Approximately,it’s 2.60m tall. It has fins the colour of the sun set. However it has humongous crimson, lava like wings.  As well it’s belly looks like it is caring a baby. The ears […]

Pursues Diary

Dear Dairy Wow… What an amazing day. I met a snake psycho,but let me start from the beginning. I started calmly kneeling as I slowly closed my eyes and take deep breaths as I pray ot Athena  praying to Athena to help me defeat something. Athena gave me 5 gifts. When I was praying I […]

Ancient Greek setting description

Rapidly walking around the bustling market, Annie was looking for lush,tender grape also, in the booming market, there were traders bawling out what they had in stock,like jeweled grapes and fiery,exotic spices. As the day grew tropical,she could see the fluffiest clouds in the land go by,making different shapes and sizes.