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Mayank’s dairy

Dear dairy, How dare they leave my life incomplete. I wish I could crush them into pieces,but unfortunately there are new rules. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning. In my tribal village it was a normal day  when I was about to take part in protecting the other village nearby. After 3 whole days, I […]

The tree of souls by Mayank

The tree of souls is multi-coloured,it gives out luminous light and it looks quit slimy as the blue skinned Na’vi touch them (the  tree of souls strings). This tree is used for making a connection to Eywa, the deity of the people of  Pandora, as well as giving her a way to connect of the […]

Meeting the beast

Holding his breath, he reached the descending giants outpost. Shaking his frightened legs, he stepped inside. It was really dark. He wanted to step out, but he had to step in for his sister. There was a wooden door, it had crimson blood all over it. He found a brown stick and lit it, then […]

Ancient Greek setting description

Silently, the burning sun started  to lose its power, through the wonderful array of bushes, the ragged,stony mountains started to slide its grey stones to the aqua,blue lake. Through his clean glass window he could hear the crowd rushing to the old,unclean town place and saw the beautyfull view of the smooth,bumpy palm tree reflecting it […]