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The window story

He hade been warned not to leave the window open, but on that balmy summer night Max though he knew best .Max decided he would ignore his mum. with a sneaky look on his face it was time to go to his king sized bed. Giving his mum a sloppy kiss he looked towards the […]

The Banshee by Milly and EmilyC

This revolting demon stands as tall as a tree (10.64m).Its muscular tail carelessly scoops its predicted from behind. As it swoops through the air the predator get to near,then it tackle  it with its razor sharp claws. As his wings approach it’s prey from down below its venomous-teeth crunch though its scaly prey.

Ancient Greek setting description

Cerfull dogging the rapid,rushing people, Aniella  poppy Emily and Faye were on there way to the elongate market to get some  lush, green vegballs.In the senter of the squawker market they could see people cording around the exotic sepsis stall and the extraneously bullky tempall.