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Boudicca diary by Neve

Dear diary, I can’t believe  I survived ! It all started after the Romans had invalided and I was living in my hut in a tribal village , until … Lord Raverasener died and lord Seniervera became emperor . Seniervera changed the agreements between Raverasener and me ,I was furious . I was so frustrated […]

The Tree of souls by Neve

The stunning, neon branches , witch are frantically platted  , elegantly dance in the whistling wind. It’s mighty magic helps the Na’vi’s alive, if we had the tree of souls it would be a life saver. It’s raged bark fixes wounds as quick as a bullet (10,000MPH).

The Thanator by Neve and Helena

Appearance : This blood thirsty monster lurks through the shadows of the trees, whilst finding something to sink its razor sharp teeth (Razeeth) into. This creatures strong and muscular biceps crush anything in its way whilst scanning the area for its prey. It’s venomous spikes (arrears) navigate anything around it. It’s forehead is as big […]

Helena and the Sharkotaur.

Many , many years ago ,in a town called Olympia , there was a young , beautiful girl named Helena who lived with her sister Helen and dad Jason . The day before that something teribal happened . Helen got kidnapped along side the prince ! Everybody loved Helen she was the prettiest girl in […]

Ancient Greek setting descripton .

Slowly she strold acros  the cold ,stone floor of the cave . She smelled something fishy it was part mystry and part fish ! Unusaly there was a sound of plunging it was pritty wierd . lili was determand to find out what it was but she did not listen to her self and turnt […]