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Roman invasion by Peter

Dear Diary, What just happened? why did they do this to us? We did nothing to them, they have no reason why they should. Feeling nervous, at midnight there was a huge crash at the docks, several roman soldiers came charging in like elephants directly at me I was so surprised and afraid, because I […]

The Tree of Souls by Peter

Standing tall the marvelous Tree of Souls has luminous strips that hang down like vines The Navi hold onto these strips to know what the other Navi that had past away are feeling. Amazingly it’s gargantuan size makes it about twenty times the size of  an unassuming tree the aqua Navi have ceremonies here so […]

The Thanator by Peter, Michael

This venomous monster is soulless and it scans the full, wild forest for its prey. It is so deadly that it is the most fierce  animal so if you would ever meet it RUN! It has got a pitch black  skin and it has the most muscly leg you would ever see.  This vile creature […]

Ancient Greek Setting Description

Carefully, the talented man flew over the bustling , sandy village, looking out for dangerous things. He was still flying above the village, when he looked ahead and saw an array of raggedy olive trees and something was happening to them. When the day started to fade away, the man couldnt see as many trees as […]