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The book

A girl was warned about a book that puts you in a deep sleep and it never ends! She sneak past her mum swiftly and she felt conferdent  about opening the book and reading it. So, she gets the mystical book and opens it quickly she reads a couple of pages and gets interested to […]

Roman poster

The Romans invented straight roads, so it is quicker to travel around. It was important to the roman army to be able to move around the country to fight enemy’s or come back to the base. Early roman houses revolved around the primitive farm life of early times,which all members of the family lived in […]

The banshee by Poppy Gemma

This revolting creature, stands as tall as house (8.3m tall). It’s claws , (kazer) are as sharp as a tip of a razor knife. Its 250 vile teeth, (veeth) are as deadly as a venomous black cobra. The banshee,swoops down with its spine-ripping chin slicing for its delicious prey.  It’s black volcano-coloured spots, scare away […]

Ancient Greek setting description

Strolling across the glimmering , golden sand Star struck was  to buy some tropical , vibrant fruits for her and her best  friends  to eat in her cold stone cottage. Through her bitter window , Helena the princess was looking at the crystal  blue sky,  while Emily the princess noticed that the hills were as […]