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The Boy who opened his window

As the night falls James opened the window at bedtime and his mum said it was a dangerous place out there and if you leave your window open bad things will happen at night. So he put his blue and white striped pj’s on and wheat to bed. As the night past there were mysterious […]

The Tree of Souls

Sitting on top of the huge leaves stand the tree of sole. the diamond like branches are as long as a giraffe neck. It can stand up to (20m tall). The tree of sole is like a humongous crustal. The tree has a twisted trunk that can grow so tall that you can not imagine […]

Meeting Clawataur the beast.

Then they set of to the market. And then they hid behind a stall and holding there breath they sneakily got closer and closer until they were right next to Clawataur. Clawataur the monstrous beast smelt like a skunk. They were terrified and they could not stand the revolting smell. The beast had a venomous […]

Mary’s diary

Dear Diary What a amazing day today!with out a shadow of a doubt i saw a glimmering light out of my window.I went out side and saw a Angel standing there. I was exited! The Angel told me that I was going to have a baby i was shocked.When Joseph came back i told him we […]