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The mysterious window

As the clock struck nine the ebony,black night falled and he fell asleep Into a deep sleep! As he fell asleep he was dreaming about his transparent,cracked window he had been warned not to keep it open but tonight he knew best! This wasn’t the only time he had been warned about it his friends! […]

Roman story

Dear diary,I  was gathered in a near a hut with my fellow warriors  in Hampshire.I was a strong and wise however I had a wife and four children so that was awkwardly bad because I heard that the Romans are coming to invade.i was shocked I had to tell the village. The Romans stormed in […]

The scary enormous Thanator by Aiden and Sam

This  fearless creature it’s  as  tall as a airplane.The blood sucker has 10 bladed, sharp teeth which if touch a human will make them bleed (deathly) and could slice a house in half. Muscular yet fat, this killer scans through the slimy trees for it’s prey like the viper wolf.

Hello I’m telling you a Ancient Greek story Quickly the sun dipped like a graceful robin behind the grand Dusty mountains.In the bustling cramped market square he could see stalls filled with rich food.