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The book

She was warned not to read the book but she was curious. Lilly was determined. She crept to the attic. Looking around, Lilly could see a stack of old toys and on top was the book. In her room, Lilly got comfy and opened the leather back book….   The last thing she remembered was […]

The tree of souls by thomas1

In the heart of the forest, the tree of souls droops its vine-like branches to the lush, green grass below. The willow-like leaves look like dry, melted crystal that swirls and dance in the wind. The tree is imperative for two reasons. One it helps the Na’vi to connect to Eywa (their goddess) through it and […]

The thick skinned hammerhead tythanasaurus by Troy and Thomas1

This venomous blood-sucking predator, with skin as thick as a wall, stands as tall as a giraffe. Its hammer like  head is always prepared to knock down trees in its path and its prey to death. Its fire like eye balls are as big as your head! Its ear antler thing is great for swatting […]