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The book by Ellie and Thomas

It was the only book she was forbidden to read, yet curiosity had taken hold and she had snuck the leather bound treasure in her room. As she indignantly opened it, one moth immediately shot out of the mysterious, unbelievable book. She didn’t take any notice of this, because she thought it gad got trapped […]

Roman invasion diary By Thomas H

Dear Diary, How dare those blithering Romans tear my whole life up into smithereens! As the sun rose, I was listening intently playing hide and seek, listening for crashes to tell my mother that the Romans were coming. As mother cleaned our robes, she did the same. Soon after the tremendous crash came … My […]

The tree of souls by Thomas H

Standing proudly in a rugged basin, The tree of souls heals the Na’vi, it is the most important thing for them. It’s illuminous remote branches stretch out in the moonlight as if it was haunted. The plated, tangled vines sway in the wind.Because of its haunted look scares the animals that come near providing protection for […]

Pandora introduction by Thomas H

Pandora. A world of exotic beauty ,lush vegetation  and peculiar landscapes. Alpha Centauri, Pandora’s solar system, is 4.4 light years from Earths Southern Hemisphere, so you can see it from here. Because it is a moon, it orbits Polythenus a planet 7 times the size of Saturn. Half of Pandora is full of lush plants, […]