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The book

A girl was warned about a book that puts you in a deep sleep and it never ends! She sneak past her mum swiftly and she felt conferdent  about opening the book and reading it. So, she gets the mystical book and opens it quickly she reads a couple of pages and gets interested to […]

Roman diary

Dear diary. Yesterday at my hut it was a shocking day.There was a severe  sound . I ignored it.Now that I hired  a job as a slave I have a little hut. It got hit by a spear,it set on fire after I felt furious ,some one said where all homeless. After that sudden unexpected […]

Intro of pandora by troy:)

Pandora a world of wondrous plants,vast forests with exotic animals and striking colours. In the vast rems of Pandora,there are no humans, because of the toxic air. Pandora is a moon that orbits Poletheenus in the solar system Alpha Centauri which’s exactly 4.4 light years from earth. Pandora’s things are several times the size of […]

The thick skinned hammerhead tythanasaurus by Troy and Thomas1

This venomous blood-sucking predator, with skin as thick as a wall, stands as tall as a giraffe. Its hammer like  head is always prepared to knock down trees in its path and its prey to death. Its fire like eye balls are as big as your head! Its ear antler thing is great for swatting […]

Ancient Greek setting discripsion

Slowly the sun rose over the colossal temple. The temple was on a huge golden mountain. From the extraordinary monument he could see the sun shining over the village. As he took out his binoculars he saw an immense figure. What was it?